We have connections to many island mills to assist us in offering quality kiln dried and air dried woods.

Besides our beautiful woods, we also feature custom made furniture and gift items  designed and created by local woodworkers and artists from all around the islands.

We can arrange to have custom furniture designed and built to meet your specifications.







We are in direct contact with the best of the Big Island furniture makers and Artists.

The whole operation is run by these few knowledgeable and dedicated employees, Tom, Larry, Donna, and Paco.  We pay close attention to quality control and we take pride in keeping our customers happy.


Key Benefits

  • You can create a "one of a kind" look for your home.
  •  You get exactly what you want.
  •  Furniture made from our rare woods is very valuable.



There will be no refund for shipping costs on returned wood, so please feel free to ask questions to make sure you understand what you are purchasing! Because of the rarity of some of the exotic woods we carry, prices are subject to change without notice.

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