Something for the Ladies:

 Koa Brushes, Bracelets, Hairsticks,

Double Whale Tale Hairsticks, Mirrors and more


Koa & Mango Coffee Scoops, Teaspoons & Salad Tossers


We support our community by carrying products which are made in Hawaii by local artists. Many of these items are made with the wood we supply.



Koa Turtle Sculpture by Craig Nichols


Cutting Boards starting at $50.00

Koa Pen and Pencil sets, Lazy Susans, Bowls, Wine Stands

Jewelry Boxes, Canoe Paddles, Salad Tossers (Huli Hands)

Koa Switchplate Covers, Koa Magnets, Chopsticks, Rice Paddles,

Koa Office & Desk accessories

KOA Rocking Chairs

Call for Availability &  Pricing





We will gladly ship anything in our showroom to you. We ship smaller items via UPS ground and larger items we ship via ABF Freight Systems. We always try to get the best deal possible on shipping costs so we can pass them on to you. When shipping these items, there is a packing and handling charge, but you pay what we pay on the actual shipping cost.

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