Acacia Koa is the most prized tree of the Hawaiian Islands. Koa is indigenous to the islands and was originally used for canoes, structural lumber, and spears. The majority of today's Koa trees can be found on protected land above the 1,500 elevation. The lumber has many different colors ranging from blonde to a very rich red-brown. It can also have very beautiful figure which furniture and guitar makers look for. Koa is relatively hard yet easy to work with.





Premium  Curl Instrument Grade


Heavily figured and vertical grain 

$140.00 per BF

Premium Full Curl


Heavily figured,  not vertical grain

$95.00 per BF

Premium Curl


Highly figured

$80.00 per BF

Medium Curl


Medium figured

$50.00 per BF

Select Curl


Partially or lightly figured

$40.00 per BF

Select & Better


Good quality, no curl or figure

$30.00 per BF

**Pricing and availability subject to change at any time.



  • The more curl Koa has, the more 3D (deeper) it gets when finished.
  • Koa is a rare wood and adds value to anything made with it (curly Koa has a worldwide value).
  • It's eye catching beauty will be enjoyed for years and years.

Please remember that curly Koa is very rare and in huge demand so supplies are limited. Please call or e-mail for availability.


We have Koa logs and bowl stock, too!


Koa Pricing



Boards that are sold by the board foot are calculated using (thickness)x(width)x(length). If all in inches, then divide by 144. Thickness is usually in quarters of an inch. 4/4 is 1" thick. 8/4 is 2" thick.

Koa is available in 4/4, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4, and sometimes 16/4 for thickness. Average widths range from 3" to 8" although we do get wider boards from time to time. Lengths range from 5' to 12' for regular lumber. We also carry Koa Slabs, so check out our Slab Page.


We have people come from all over the world just to buy our premium curly Koa, but you will be amazed at the many different kinds of woods we have. You will find many among our web site pages.


There will be no refund for shipping costs on returned wood, so please feel free to ask questions to make sure you understand what you are purchasing! Because of the rarity of some of the exotic woods we carry, prices are subject to change without notice.
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